Dillingham Was Sentenced


Murder of Innocent Dog Leads to Bitter Controversy.

Dillingham Was Sentenced; Most dog lovers treat their pets as members of their family. However, it is an unfortunate fact that some individuals choose to harm these lovable animals through willful acts of violence. Washington resident Christopher W. Dillingham is one such individual. The events that took place in this man’s front yard last year shocked animal lovers nationwide and left them wondering if justice was served.

At approximately 4am on August 14th, 2013, the 45 Skamania County father of one strapped explosives around the neck of his yellow Labrador, Cabella, and detonated the device. After neighbors reported what they heard, deputies arrived to a grisly scene. Parts of the animal, including the dog’s head, were found scattered across the property. Although experts state that death would have been instantaneous, many animal lovers believe that this is irrelevant and that animal cruelty charges should apply.

Investigators state that Dillingham used powder from fireworks to create the explosives. It was later discovered that this powder was part of the inventory from a fireworks stand he operated at one time. Dillingham has a history of domestic violence, which was confirmed by several individuals. He stated that his ex-girlfriend “put the devil” in the Labrador and and used this as his excuse to murder the animal. He also ranted to deputies about a forthcoming nuclear strike that would mark the end of the world, and spoke of the Rapture, the latter of which is a term used by Judeo-Christians to refer to Christ’s return. However, it is unclear why either the “nuclear strike” the man apparently believed was coming, or Dillingham’s personal beliefs about the Rapture would prompt him to murder his dog. Undersheriff Dave Cox stated that Dillingham was unclear about why he thought viciously killing an animal would better prepare him for either event, he merely stated that that he did it to “save” the dog. According to investigators, at times he rambled in a manner that was somewhat incoherent. Just prior to the horrifying incident, Dillingham was seen throwing large pieces of furniture and other household objects through his front window, claiming that the pieces were “demon possessed.”

Cabella was given to Dillingham by his ex-girlfriend, who had charge of the dog after a cousin of hers could no longer keep the animal. Both his ex-girlfriend and her cousin were deeply sad at what took place, and stated that they never anticipated the dog would come to harm, although some individuals state that Dillingham’s history of domestic violence was well known in the community.

Ultimately, Dillingham was held on $500,000 bail. He was charged with possession of an explosive device and reckless endangerment. Local prosecutors were criticized for not charging the man with animal cruelty; however, they told reporters that they chose charges that would ensure the highest possible bail.

Dillingham was sentenced on January 3rd, 2013 to 12 months in jail, with two months credit for time already served. Authorities state that he also qualifies to serve several days each week on a work crew. Many people believe the devil Dillingham spoke of is in himself, rather than the innocent dog he killed, and his horrifying actions have resulted in sharp controversy concerning the sentence. This man is obviously a danger to his family and a threat to the community. Sadly, it is too late to save the poor innocent Cabella, but many individuals believe that society must be saved from Dillingham, with a stricter sentence and possibly mandatory psychiatric care.

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