Why My Dog Cries When Left Alone


My Dog Cries When Left Alone

When you leave the house and your dog cries or barks at the door waiting for you, the last thing you want to do is go back in once you’ve left. Your dog may have separation anxiety, or simulated separation anxiety; determining which can be hard, and the differences are slight.


If your pup has true separation anxiety, there will be nervous reactions that take place as well as destructive “coping” behaviors. Your dog will cry and bark as you leave, and may do the same when you return. You may find that your dog has used the bathroom inside or chewed on things that they don’t mess with usually. All of these or signs that your dog may have some separation anxiety, and address the issue at its core is one of the simplest ways to alleviate the stress and make your pup feel safe and secure. Reinforce desirable behavior and show them plenty of attention when you are home.

Attention doesn’t just mean playing with your dog, but taking them on walks, speaking to them and giving commands helps. Simulated separation anxiety is when your dog learns to act badly to receive attention from you or the rest of the household. When a dog feels neglected or ignored, they will act out and demand attention. Similarly, to a child who throws a tantrum, a dog will continue undesirable behaviors just for the sake of being shown attention. They learn that you will address them when they act out and will proceed with this action until their needs are met.


Always show your dog love and affection, when they are puppies, it’s so easy to love on them and take them everywhere with you. As your pup grows into adulthood, encourage them to learn healthy coping skills by giving lots of support and love to make up for the time they are home without you.

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