Dog Diseases Caused by Poor Feeding Habits


Dog Diseases Caused by poor Feeding Habits

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Nowadays most dogs have a short lifespan. Their deaths are usually caused by diseases that are preventable. These killer diseases are accelerated by a dog’s eating habits. Their masters bear all the blame because they are the ones who feed them. What some dog owners don’t understand is that a dog is somehow like a human being; it is what it eats. It’s therefore important for a dog to be fed with healthy foods. Such food contains nutrients in their appropriate proportion that include carbs, proteins and vitamins. Below is list of diseases that are directly linked to eating unbalanced diet.


Obesity is caused by eating way too much food. When a dog eats excessively, it’s likely to gain a lot of weight. This is because it’s taking more calories than what’s needed by the body. The body actually takes exactly what it needs from the food and stores the rest as fats.  These fats are distributed in various parts of the body such as the waistline, back and thighs.

The fats can only be consumed by the body if the dog got involved in exercises. But unfortunately, obese dogs can’t walk further than just a few yards within their owner’s compound. An obese dog is at high risk of contracting high blood pressure and arthritis.


Bladder Stones

There are different types of bladder stones. They are actually categorized based on their composition such as magnesium, phosphorus and calcium among others. As their name suggests, they are found in the bladder of a dog. They accumulate gradually in number and size. This implies that one bladder stone can continue to develop in size with time.

A dog that’s suffering from bladder stones can’t wait for long without peeing. Besides that, the urine has a funny color. Such a dog pees with difficulty. The condition can be remedied through surgery or ingestion of drugs to break the stones into small particles that can dissolve into the urine.


Heart Illness

Dogs that are fed on foods that have high amounts of sodium are at high risk of contracting heart disease. This sodium is deposited into the blood vessels which means they occupy space that’s meant for water. The heart is forced to develop in size to counter the increase in blood pressure. It’s therefore advisable to avoid giving your dog food that’s rich in sodium because you will be killing it slowly without knowing.

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