My Dog Eats their Bedding


My Dog Eats their Bedding
Many pups eat their bedding when teething or just are destructive when young because their behaviors are not as disciplined. As time goes on your puppy turns into a well-mannered dog who has the occasional slip-ups.

If your dog frequently chews up things that are off limits or destroys things around the house, there may be a behavioral issue going on. Destruction is typically done by a dog that has not received enough attention or has not had enough exercise for the day. Your dog will chew up its bedding if locked in a crate to show defiance, or dig in the trash while you’re gone because they’re crying for attention.
Dogs that have started unusual behavior like destruction, when they haven’t before may indicate a change in their environment or emotions. Did you rearrange the furniture, move, or get a new bed for your dog? Maybe, the new bed you got your pup displeases them, or maybe the new furniture is causing anxiety. Many changes can affect your dog’s feelings and emotional well-being. Some of the time a significant change will throw your dog out of whack, and they will react only in ways they know how.
After properly training your dog, and setting clear boundaries for what behavior to expect, you shouldn’t see destructive issues, like eating the bedding. Dogs have personalities of their own and if they are doing anything out of the ordinary, try honing in on what may be the root of the issue. If the destruction is purely based on their preference of bedding, try a few different styles of beds to see if that makes a difference in your pup’s behavior.

Chewing on anything after puppy years can be a sign of anxiety, try leaving their favorite toys out while gone, or leaving the tv on for your pup, so their anxiety is soothed while you’re away.

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