Why Is My Dog licking Its Paws So Much?


Why is my dog licking its paws so much?

Everyone who lives with a pet understands that the habit of licking is part of their daily routine. However, when we observe that it´s licking goes beyond what we consider normal, it could be alerting us about some suffering or problem that’s affecting him.

Allergies: Allergies are the main cause of a dog licking his paws. It may show no signs of allergy in other parts of the body, but many dogs suffer from small allergic sores that mainly affect their legs and are manifested by redness and itching they seek to alleviate by licking and, in some cases, even by biting themselves.

To prevent it, you must rule out the source of their allergy. Ask your veterinarian for help and take some of the following measures at home:

  1. Pups in boots: Protect their feet during walks in the park, many models of dog shoes are on sale and come in all sizes. He will not like this at first, but it will get used to it over time.
  2. Go Green: Try natural and eco-friendly cleaning products. Chemical products can often be irritating to their skin.
  3. Check his diet: If the licking started with a change in your dog’s diet, changes in dry food brand or taste, you should start by discarding a food allergy. In a serious food allergy, you will also see nose and snout scratching shortly after eating, possibly gastric problems and other discomforts that will be alleviated by putting him in a temporary soft diet and a food change.
  4. Lack of hygiene: Cleaning your dog’s paws, from time to time, with a little water and neutral soap will not hurt. Remember dry its paws thoroughly with a soft towel.
  5. Watch out for any injuries: Dogs often licks themselves a lot when injured. Look at the base of its paws and between the toes in search of any small cut or injury. If you find a cut, clean it and apply some alcohol or vinegar.  For more serious injuries, take it to the veterinarian.
  6. Take him for a spin: Boredom can be a factor that promotes excessive licking. It’s possible that our dear four-legged friend develops an obsessive licking of its paws to kill time. If this is the case, playing together with his favorite ball will solve the impulse.

In case the problems persist, keep an eye on any type of sore or rash on his feet and consult the veterinarian to prescribe the necessary medicines and treatment.

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