Dog Owner From Edmonton Needs Help Finding 9 Stolen Puppies


Dog Owner From Edmonton Needs Help Finding 9 Stolen Puppies

An Edmonton woman is reaching out to social media to find puppies that were reported stolen from a Mill Woods residence.

Brianna Main posted on Facebook that nine puppies were stolen from her friend’s garage Thursday evening.

The dogs’ owner, Lisa Morrie, said they were alone in the heated garage for about an hour while they ate.

“I came in at eight o’clock and I had taken the mother out. I fed them. I gave them their food dishes and then I left them to eat,” Morrie said.

She returned to the garage at around 9:15 p.m. to check on the puppies but they were gone, Morrie said.

She was initially confused.

“How? What? Where? Because you’d be able to see them around the garage even if they just go out of the pen – you’d be able to see them and hear them whimpering once they get stuck.”

Morrie believes the person who stole the puppies used a crowbar to open the garage door because of visible damage to the door.

Edmonton police confirmed to Global News they are investigating the incident.

Nothing else was stolen from the garage, which is one reason Morrie believes the person responsible knew the puppies were inside.

“It seems like somebody who knows me, because that’s a pretty short time frame,” she said.

Morrie is particularly concerned about the well-being of the nine puppies because of their age.

“The puppies shouldn’t be leaving the mom until eight weeks. Six is the bare minimum of when they should leave, and they should be fully weaned off before they leave and they weren’t,” Morrie said.

Main’s Facebook post asking for the public’s help in finding the puppies was shared 2,400 times by 11:30 a.m. Friday

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