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Not Just a Luxury.

Almost all animal lovers would agree that a dog park is something that is essential for any canine owner. It is a place to relax and unwind with your dog, as well as an area where you can be assured of meeting other people who share your regard for man’s best friend. However, certain cities do not offer quality facilities of this type to their residents, but this is a trend that has begun to change in recent years. Fortunately, if you own a such a pet you will be happy to know that dog parks are the fastest-growing segment of the urban park population in the United States. This is good news to virtually all dog owners, as facilities of this type are not considered just a luxury by most dog owners, but rather a necessity.

Ideally, dog parks should exist in every city. This is because they are not only great for your pet, but also for you. Regardless of how big your backyard is, you probably have had times where your dog became restless and wanted to romp in an area where other dogs and people gather. This is not only good for your dog’s well-being, but it also gives you a chance to interact with other pet owners, make new friends, or meet up with your own friends and their animals for some fun and recreation. Activities such as this ultimately lead to a happier, healthier pet: social activity and exercise is imperative to a dog’s health, and as you would probably agree, therapeutic to its owner.

Recently, New York City has hit the spotlight as a leader regarding the development of great dog parks.

They have acknowledged the fact that urban dwellers need to have access to such facilities on a regular basis. Listed as one of the top eight American parks of this type is the Tompkins Square Dog run. This park even hosts an annual Halloween dog parade each October. Once a massive area of decaying buildings, it has now become one of New York’s best loved parks for animals.

Fortunately, because of its status as one of the greatest cities in the world, many other urban areas have followed New York’s lead and have begun to develop their own high-quality dog runs and parks. For instance, Chicago and Philadelphia have followed suit with the West Loop Dog Park and the Haverford Reserve Dog Park, respectively.

Certain parks require that owners keep their dogs on leashes, while others, such as Point Isabel Dog Park in Richmond California allow off leash activity, provided you can keep your dog under control. Because these regulations vary from one park to the next, be sure to check them out in advance before planning an outing with your pooch.

Many parks are sponsored by the states in which they are found, while others are completely sustained by nonprofit organizations. Regardless of the source from which they get their funding, you would probably agree that it is money well spent. After all, do we really need another Starbucks? Most people agree that it is much better to invest in something that will bring joy to dogs and their owners for many years in the future.

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