How to Dog-Proof Your Home Compound


How to Dog-Proof Your Home Compound

As a first time home owner, you may not know that some of the things you have within your compound pose a great threat to the existence of your canine. This is probably because most incidents that cause dog injuries and deaths take place away from home. Dogs are like kids, they use their mouth to try out everything. But they can’t be blamed because that’s how they are wired to be. It’s therefore important to dog proof your home to ensure that all the loop holes have been sealed.

Uproot Poisonous Flowers

This one goes without saying. Dogs like running across the garden as they sniff around. And although they are carnivorous animals, they sometimes chew plants when they want to vomit. Some plants such as tulips, daffodils, azaleas and amaryllis are known to be poisonous and can therefore cause death. It’s actually recommended that you consult the nearest vet before you introduce new plants into your garden. An experienced vet can help you in choosing plants that are safe.

Cover All Garbage

Most dogs like scavenging into garbage bins as they search for leftovers.  It’s therefore advisable to cover all garbage bins with lids. This prevents your dog from accessing their contents. As a matter of fact, some of the trash could be very poisonous because they include bug and rat baits and herbicides among other toxic waste. The lid should be safely locked to prevent the dog from pushing it away.

Seal All Gaps on the Fence

You should check your fence regularly to see if there are any gaps that should be mended. We all know that it’s not easy to protect your dog from the risks that are beyond your compound. If there are openings on the fence, your dog can sneak away from home. It might be knocked down by cars while on the road or feed on poisoned food. Besides that, it might be caught by County officials while strolling on the road. All these problems can be avoided by mending gaps on your fence as soon as you see them. You should also put up a fence around the swimming pool. Although dogs know how to swim, they need assistance to get out of the water because the edges of the pool are usually slippery.

Don’t Ignore the Lawn

Overgrown lawns provide breeding grounds for ticks and other parasites. This is because the ticks use the tall grass to protect themselves from the scorching sun. Mowing the lawn therefore helps in destroying such breeding grounds. You should actually collect the grass that has been cut and burn it to ensure there are no eggs that can hatch later. If you have to use

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