Dog Reveals Human-like Capabilities


Smartest Dog: Border Collie.

Most catchFred fans would agree that few domesticated animals enjoy the status and level of camaraderie we afford our dogs. To understand how such a status was achieved, consider reading about the eventual domestication of these remarkable animals from the time they were wolves circling our ancestors’ fires.

You may have heard that early man apparently successfully bred wild wolf puppies and trained them to hunt and help protect them from predators. This mutually satisfying arrangement has obviously continued, as dogs are currently one of the best loved pets in modern society.

The Celebrated Border Collie

While all breeds produce smart dogs, none can argue against the incredible intelligence of the border collie. They are exceptionally energetic, athletic and are independent thinkers, as well. For many years people scoffed at dog owners who insisted their dogs understood human language, or at least recognized certain words. Now, to refute naysayers everywhere, Chaser has come on the scene. Who is Chaser? She is a border collie who is simply the smartest dog on record. Chaser recognizes the names of over one thousand objects. Her vocabulary is comparable to a three-year-old human child. Chaser was trained by two psychologists at Wofford College in South Carolina who taught her the names of 1022 toys.

Chaser is a prime example of the evolution from wild wolves howling in the night to our precious pets who greet us when we come home each day. We believe we have trained them, but the fact that they have trained us to respond to their every need may be closer to the truth. Maybe they really love us. However, maybe they have learned to look at us with worshipful eyes because we will give them food. Regardless of which theory is true, we love our dogs and we are glad they chose to stay by our fire and move into our homes. For these and other reasons, most catchFred fans would likely agree that a border collie makes an ideal pet.

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