Dog Stabbed By home Invader In Critical Condition Is Recovering Well


Dog Stabbed By home Invader In Critical Condition Is Recovering Well

Thank god this poor dog is recovering, thoughts and prayers are with you . 

A dog that was stabbed by an apparent intruder at a property in Allens Nek is currently recovering from the attack.

After a two hour surgery yesterday, it was found that Spider sustained a massive laceration that they believe to be the size of a panga-type knife. The object used to stab the dog lacerated many major organs such as the lungs and liver and also penetrated the diaphragm. It missed the heart but caught the major vessels off the aorta. He received two units of blood. He was in a stable but critical condition.

Today, Spider is up and about and was walking around the garden at the vet. He is off oxygen but still has two chest drains in. The vets are happy with his progress and will monitor him closely over the next few days.

ER24 paramedics were called to the property earlier today after guards from a security company found the dog that had been stabbed.

The dog, believed to be about five years old, had been stabbed in the chest. The guards found that the dog was losing a lot of blood. They tried to assist and keep the dog still.

Upon arrival at the scene, paramedics took over treatment and rushed the dog in an ambulance to a veterinarian in Randpark Ridge.Paramedics hope efforts by everyone on scene including the veterinarians contribute to the dog’s recovery.

ER24 thanks all security companies including Nick Frost from Londoloza Protection Group as well as veterinarians and the Johannesburg Specialist Veterinary Centre for their efforts.

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