Dog Tails, one for each Breed!

Dog Tails, one for each Breed!

Wiggling, alert, between legs … It’s widely known that dogs’ tails give us messages about their behavior and their appreciation of what’s happening around them. But, why are there different types of tails?

Coiled, long, with long hair, with no hair, with  “Farrah Fawcett” style of fringe…for each type of furry companion there’s a unique type of tail. According to the breeding process dogs developed a coat, a type of snout, a size of paws and, of course, a type of tail.

-Saber Tail: Shepperd dog breeds tend to be graceful and develop a thicker coat to tolerate low temperatures in mountains and fields, their tails usually elegantly hairy with a certain type of Bang, Because of their appearance it functions as an antenna to bee seen among cattle or sheep herds:  German Sheppard, Scottish shepperd,  etc.
-Sickle tail: Winter dogs, like Huskies, have this type of very dense fur tail with curvature towards the front,  to help them retain heat.
-Flagpole tail: The tails called “FlagPole” are present typically in hounds as a sign of guidance for horsemen and hunters: Beagles for example.
-Otter Tail: Long and short haired but with considerable strength, the otter tail functions as a rudder for swimming dogs, the Retriever Labrador is a perfect example of this type.
-Sword tail: Dogs like the Great Danes benefit from this type of tail because it helps them maintain balance by making counterweight, in fact usually they’re pointing down and when it up doesn’t surpass the spine.
-Carrot Tail: Mainly in the families of burrow hunter dogs,  like the Terriers, this type of tail is thick and short since its function was to be pulled in order to help the dog out of recoil of the burrows.
-CorkScrew Tail: It swirls like a corkscrew, the Pugs have them.
-Rat Tail: Thin and almost absent of hair, is characteristic of the Greyhounds since, like the rest of its body, it’s aerodynamic and it empowers them to be faster.
-Bob Tail: It is the typical tail of the corgis, naturally short like a stump. Other dogs with this type of tail are: Breton Spanish, Corgi Pembroki, Croatian Shepherd, Mudi, Bulldog, Schipperke, Jack Rusell Terrier, Shepherd of the Pyrenees, etc.

Here’s a video of Tails performing the second best thing they do: making us laugh!


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