Dog Throws Himself In Front Of School Bus To Save Blind Owner


Dog Throws Himself In Front Of School Bus To Save Blind Owner; A dog put himself directly in harm’s way on Monday morning to save his blind owner from being struck by a school bus in Brewster, New York, reported Tuesday’ s publication of the Lohud Journal News. Perhaps it was the dog’s specialized training, or maybe it was his instinctive desire to protect – regardless, the golden retriever named “Bigo,” managed to help Audrey Stone be spared from the full brunt of the school bus.

Bigo suffered a severe cut to his leg and the 62-year-old woman that he was guiding suffered multiple injuries, including fractured ribs, a broken elbow and a head wound. The driver of the bus which was carrying kindergartners to school apparently did not see Bigo and Stone as they made their way across the road in the designated crosswalk area.

Paul Schwartz, who witnessed the incident, told Lohud News, “I don’t know if (the driver) thought (Stone) was going to move faster, but it looks like the dog tried to take most of the hit for her.” Even after the accident, while receiving treatment, Bigo was trying to get to his injured and distraught owner.

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