Dogs are Scavengers by Nature


My Dog Ate What?

Even though we know dogs sometimes shock us by the odd or even disgusting things they choose to snack on, we are still occasionally taken by surprise with regard to their eating habits. Just the other day, my dog ate a squid on the beach that looked as nasty as could be, and was probably a month old. However, when he took a piece of cat waste from the litter box and began to chew on it, I decided I had to do some investigating to determine why they exhibit such behavior (and act perfectly normal when they are doing it!) The answer may be primitive instinct over which they have no control, but canine experts have a variety of different opinions about why they do such things even when they are well-fed.

Certain dog experts state that your pet will eat unappealing fare in an effort to clean the area. In other words, the dog may simply be taking care of his or her surrounding space. Another theory is based on the fact that dogs use their mouths the way we use our hands, which is obviously to explore new things and figure out what they are. However, if the scent is appealing, and let’s face it…who really knows every scent that may appeal to our furry friends, they may proceed to continue on and munch down the item they were attempting to identify.

Dogs eating things like grass may have an easier explanation, as most vets are of the opinion that dogs and other animals will eat grass when they are experiencing tummy trouble. Ultimately, most experts agree that dogs are scavengers by nature, and their ability to ingest a wide variety of things that most other animals would shun has allowed them to flourish and survive. Although you may want to draw the line at a month old squid on the beach, if you own a dog, you should get used to watching him or her chomp down snacks that would horrify the average human.

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