Dog Dreams: Everything You Need To Know About It

Dog Dreams: Everything you need to know about it

Dog Dreams: Everything you need to know about it

Every Dog Owner can say without a doubt that dogs do dream. See them moving their paws, even grunting as if they ran after a ball or chased a pigeon in the park is an everyday joy in the lives of those who share home with a hound.

Studies have shown that during sleep dog’s exhibit human-like brain waves and go through the same stages of electrical activity, which indicates that it is quite likely they’re capable of dreaming like us.

Investigations conducted on rats found that they are able to recall previous events and memories occurred during the day while the sleep, indicating that they are in fact dreaming, just like we do every night. This normal behavior serves to fix experiences and lessons learned during day hours.
On Dogs, researchers found that leg movement, which we find so amusing, only occurs when the sleep state is truly deep and activates areas of the brain associated with the ability to dream.

Dreams in the making

This state of deep sleep becomes evident when the pooch respiration becomes regular and paused. With each sigh, its muscles relax and the brain diminishes its conscious activity. When dogs dream, we can usually observe odd muscle twitches and their eyes moving behind their closed lids followed by uneven breaths.

Research pointed out that at least 12% of the time our dog’s sleep goes through the stage known as REM (rapid eye movement) that in humans distinguish the moment in which we can remember what we dreamed during rest.

On the other hand, dogs, as you might imagine, dream of what any dog would dream of: walks in the park, running after birds and butterflies, insect hunts, etc. In addition, Studies found that the size of a dog determines hours of fantasy time during bedtime: for bigger dogs, longer sleep, longer dreams.

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