Dogs “French Kissing” decoded

Dogs “French Kissing” decoded

It is well known that dogs groomed themselves by licking. Actually, dogs are very concerned about keeping their personal cleanliness: They lick their paws, lick their privates… But upon the arrival of a second dog to the house, we begin to notice that, in addition to licking themselves, they lick each other and sometimes it can be quite flashy, uncomfortable perhaps.

However, you shouldn’t blush, in fact, it’s a very tender way that dogs have to express solidarity and closeness to each other. It’s a way of recognizing oneself as part of the same pack and protecting each other in groups. You see, when dogs lick each other’s face, ears or genitalia, they are performing a form of mutual understanding

Dogs are always communicating, either by the movement of their tails, their ears or their tongue. This licking behavior, opposed to aggressiveness  (barking it’s a clear sign of aggressiveness for example), is a call to play or care they dispense with their tongues. Licking each other’s mouth could be interpreted as an invitation to have fun together.


Also, as a rollover express submission, a “kiss” in the mouth or the snout can translate as “It’s ok, you’re stronger than me, I recognize that and I respect you”. This type of licking can have hygiene and personal care purposes when it comes to ears and genitals, you’ll see that, regardless of the roles, all dogs take care of each other when they are part of the same pack.

Besides from showing you their love, your dogs lick your face, and also your mouth in some cases, as a way to ask you for food. It’s amazing how through these small details we can learn to understand the messages we constantly receive from our puppies. Sharing our lives with them is a gift, giving them the attention they deserve is the best way to return it back.

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