Why Does My Dog’s Nose Change From Black to Pink?

Why Does My Dog's Nose Change From Black to Pink?

Why Does My Dog’s Nose Change From Black to Pink?

From a shiny black to a spotted rose, the nose color of one of my dogs changed from one day to another without any explanation. We took a trip to the vet and confirmed that her health was perfect, but the slightly dull black pigmentation didn’t return.

After some research, we find that often, food or water bowls for dogs made out of plastic materials cause allergies that degenerate in loss of nose pigmentation, so we change it immediately for a Stainless steel one and yet her nose continued pink.

Over time we realized that this color transition was simply part of their genes. With time, the color of our dog’s coat and nose vary due to a natural pigmentation loss, same as human gray hairs appeared, this phenomenon is very common and is known as “Dudley Nose”. Nonetheless, a nose color sudden variation could also appear due to an underlying medical condition.

Sign of alarm?

The abrupt changes of pigmentation in our dogs’ noses may be due to the seasons change with the so-called “snow nose” phenomenon whereby some specific breeds change their nose to pink due to the effect of cold on the production of certain enzymes: Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, and Siberian Huskies to name a few, have this snout seasonal variation.

Scratches, blows, traumas, allergies, can cause the dog to lose some of its superficial pigmentation, which should return once the wound is cured. Contact dermatitis can also cause loss of pigmentation.

Also, vitiligo could be the underlying cause of such change, which does not affect dogs health but causes changes in the general appearance of our dog. Some breeds are at increased risk for Vitiligo: Doberman, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and Dachshunds.

Once corroborated the good health of your can, there’s nothing less to worry about. You can see it as a simple and curious change of look that indicates the time you both have shared together. Treasure it!

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