My Dog’s Paw Pads are Really Rough


My Dog’s Paw Pads are Really Rough

Dogs paws are made to be resilient to harsh conditions, but they are still subject to dry patches and blisters. If your dog’s paw pads are rough, it usually has to do with the weather or environment, sometimes both! Extreme cold or heat and rough ground coverings are all recipes for a blistered paw. The bottom of a dog’s paw should be sturdy and smooth, not blistered or torn. Regular grooming and maintenance keep their paws durable, protecting them from potential injuries.


Sidewalks and cement have a salted surface, which is harmful to your dog’s health and their paws. If your dog licks a lot, the chemical in the cement salt can be damaging to their digestive system, turning into an emergency situation very quickly. Also, the salt is very harsh on their paws, scraping the protective covering, causing irritation and lesions.

Extreme weather conditions could be causing your dog’s paws to be dry and cracked, as well. When the seasons change, the air and ground can be arid, which is even more hard on your dog’s paws then in normal temperature weather. Washing your dog’s paws after long walks and adventures counteract the damage that was done, and washes off those harmful salt chemicals we talked about earlier.


Grooming your dog regularly and cleaning their paws after they’ve gotten into some trash or just had a long day outside should be sufficient. You don’t want to clean your dog too much, that their body can’t produce their natural oils. Dogs that lick are especially prone to ingesting harmful chemicals and having sore spots on their paws. Moisturize with natural healers like coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, almond oil, and vitamin E, to keep your dog’s paws nice and smooth.

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