Dogs saved from TearGas repression in Venezuela

The situation of street dogs in Venezuela has reached a critical state. Struck by the scarcity and helplessness that currently predominates in the tropical country, now they are also victims of state repression by the Tear Gas used constantly against Dissidents.

However, the Venezuelan government hasn’t hesitated to use it daily on the streets of major cities. In the midst of a governance crisis, the police have acted fiercely against protestants asking for a legal convocation of elections.

Bullets, whips, Water Cannons, War Tanks and other displays of excessive violence used by state security forces, have caused in a month of protests around 34 human casualties and countless injured. Nevertheless, the Tear Gas is the method chosen with assiduity by the Government to silence the riot.

Pet lovers have also sought to join efforts during the harsh situation, as in every dissident urbanism the constant bombing not only affects human health but also our beloved 4-legged companions.

A support network

Major animal protection organizations have issued communiqués to save and prevent death of affected pets. Dogs olfactory and auditory sensitivity has made them even more vulnerable to detonations and chemical weapons.


Veterinarians recommend combating temporary blindness, nasal irritation and stress by spraying a mix of sodium bicarbonate with water to dissipate the gas, keep them away from any outbreak and bring them to protective animal associations in case of injuries.


In the midst of drowning and crying, many improvised initiatives have emerged to try to protect civilians from aggression: Green helmets (medical students equipped to give first aid), a brand new market of gas masks, improvised wooden shields …

True animal-loving heroes have arisen during protest removing and putting to safety animals and pets lost and wandering in the conflict zone. Up next watch a short video of a dog getting rescue during the recent events in Venezuela

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