Dogs Truly Know How To Enjoy Life


Dogs Rule.

Have you ever known a dog who was anxious or stressed out? Did you ever see a puppy stop in the middle of play time to participate in some type of serious activity? You never will, either. This is because dogs truly enjoy life. They have somehow found the secret of happiness, which many people suspect involves figuring out how to live in the moment. Let’s face it, no one is better at that than dogs. They don’t have to go out to work every day, except for service dogs, but even they usually always seem to relish their role as protector of their human. They know we love them and they have certainly come to learn what to expect from us: love, affection, and of course, food.

Perhaps they are great companions because they are constant and steady, regardless of our moods, which we can all agree definitely fluctuate from day to day. Whether you want to play or sit back and relax they are happy to oblige. Their fascination with cuisine is also a fun part of their personality. After all, does your dog ever hesitate to trail around the kitchen after you when you are preparing a meal? And no one could accuse them of being finicky, as they are typically please to eat anything you offer, which is more than you could probably say for the human members of your household. Perhaps their excessive adaptability is why they are one of the most beloved pets in the world. They rarely insist on having their way, but are generally always more than happy to participate in whatever activity you choose at the moment. Now, if only we could learn to be so flexible, and rather than constantly stress out over things that will be forgotten tomorrow, just go with the flow and try to see life through a dog’s eyes.

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