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Dog enthusiasts frequently want their dogs to acquire new skills and tricks. A few simple ones to begin with are shake hands, high five, and rollover. You can easily learn to train your dog to rollover in 3 simple steps.

The very first thing you need to have is a few scrumptious dog goodies to coach and motivate your pet. It is advisable to make use of a special treat that your dog doesn’t normally eat to ensure that he’s passionate and excited on the training session. It is best to use poultry sausages since they’re affordable and simple to chop into small pieces for training purposes.

Start your training lesson by putting your pet in a sit position, you need to bring the treat below his nose so he can smell the treat going down to the floor, and progressively move your hands towards his neck. Offer your dog a goody for following your hands onto his back. Next, you need to move your hands farther away from him to ensure that he will roll over. Make certain that you praise your pet frequently throughout the training. If you are passionate and patient with your pet your dog will love every bit of it with you.

When your dog can already rollover, you will need to command “Roll Over!” simultaneously that you simply “lure” him using the treat. Always provide him a goody after he rolls over to ensure that he does what’s expected of him.

Practice these exercises every single day at any time of the week. Next, you will need to eliminate the goodies to ensure that your dog can rollover without needing to use a treat. I suggest that you train in various conditions and environment; train in your backyard, the local park or at your friend’s house, this way your pet will have the ability to perform his new trick everywhere he goes.


You could use toys rather than goodies in case your dog isn’t motivated by food. Make use of a special toy that you could keep specifically for training, just like a tug-toy or perhaps a squeaky toy.

Your work out must only cover five to ten minutes, and you can train several times each day (3 per day).

Remember to continually praise your pet throughout the training, particularly when he completes the rollover trick. This will motivate your dog to do better.

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