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Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Puppy Rescue; By now you would be hard pressed to find someone that does not know who Dwayne Johnson is even if they don’t follow the wrestling circuit. Although Johnson began his career as the popular wrestler known as ‘The Rock’ he has also made quite a name for himself as an actor in numerous action movies as well. He has many movies under his belt now with the highly popular ‘Fast and Furious’ movies among that list. Aside from his wrestling and acting abilities Johnson is also well known for something else as well – he is an avid lover of dogs and he showed just how much over Labor Day weekend.

For most folks Labor Day is a time of cookouts, celebrating and relaxing but for Johnson this is the weekend that he brought home the two newest members of the Johnson family – Brutus and Hobbs. Brutus and Hobbs are two of the most adorable French Bulldogs that you will ever see and the Johnson clan recently opened their home to make them the newest addition to the family. Being the responsible doggie parent that he is Johnson’s first order of business was to acquaint the new puppies with the backyard to begin teaching them the proper place to handle business. The puppies being energetic as they are hit the ground running. Unfortunately they ran straight into the deep end of the family’s swimming pool. While Hobbs immediately began doggy paddling to stay afloat little Brutus panicked and quickly began to sink like a brick. Within seconds Johnson leaped into action to save the terrified puppy and quickly brought them both to safety. This surely made him as much a hero in their eyes as he is in the eyes of those who enjoy watching his movies.

Although he often plays the part of the quick thinking action hero on screen everything is not always so simple in real life. Johnson showed that he can think quick on his feet and save the day when his babies were in danger but his cell phone suffered as a result of his actions. Johnson’s only thoughts when he jumped into the pool were of Brutus and Hobbs and he forgot to remove his cell phone from his pocket before doing so which resulted in it getting wet. Fortunately cell phones are replaceable whereas the lives of his precious babies are not.

Although Johnson was able to think and act quickly enough to intervene on behalf of Brutus and Hobbs there are many times when this may not be the case. For this reason it is very important that you watch your pet closely at all times whenever they are outside. Water is a very real danger for pets and they can drown very quickly if they are not properly supervised. It is also recommended that you have fences around your pools as well – especially if you have pets. It only takes a second for a pet to slip away from you and get into a dangerous situation and you may not always be able to act quickly enough to prevent a catastrophe from occurring. As pet owners it is our responsibility to take care of our pets and that includes keeping them safe from dangers that we might not always realize are there.

Taking on the care of pets is an awesome responsibility that can be very rewarding. It is important however that you take this responsibility seriously and do everything within your power to prevent accidents and other mishaps whenever possible. One key thing to remember that no matter what the illness or injury might entail it is always better to prevent these things than to treat them after the fact. While not every accident or illness can be prevented there are a great many that can be and it is up to you to use preventive measures wherever and whenever possible. This will go to great lengths to ensure that your pets live happy and healthy lives for as long as possible.

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