Easy Tricks for Your Puppy to Learn


Easy Tricks for Your Puppy to Learn

Getting your puppy to listen can be aided with commands and tricks. Using treats as motivation to carry out those commands is a great way for them to learn and get comfortable with discipline. Here are three easy tricks to teach your dog. Make sure your dog likes the treats beforehand to get the best results!


Teaching your pup to sit is one of the first tricks a dog should learn. Some dogs will naturally sit if you hold a treat out towards them and wait; others require much more practice to master this. If your dog does not naturally sit, pushing down on their bottom at first is an easy way to train this action. Always repeat the word “SIT” until they have successfully done so.

High five

Once your dog has mastered “SIT”, try getting them to hold a paw out in this position, with another treat. Tap their paw or inside of their arm so that they will reach up. If your pup has trouble understanding what you want from them, keep persisting with the same paw, even raise it up for them and say “GOOD JOB” or “GOOD HIGH FIVE”, that way there are at least expectations. Doing this over and over again will encourage your pup to complete the trick so they can receive their reward.


Giving kisses comes naturally for most puppies and getting kisses on command are even better. To get your puppy to give kisses, first have them in the “SIT” position, and then hold your face close to theirs with a treat in between. He should nudge your face or cheek and may even nip a bit in your direction. Give the pup the treat and say good job if they have successfully pressed their nose to your face, or repeat until done. These kisses are way better than the unwarranted sloppy ones.

These tricks are easy for pups of all breeds to complete; don’t get discouraged with your dog, each learn at their own pace. Be encouraging and consistent with your commands, but never make your pup feel bad or punished for not being able to get if first try, it takes time! Soon enough, you’ll routinely give commands to your dog, and they’ll unconsciously carry-out these good deeds to be a well-disciplined pet.

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