Facebook Post Goes Viral And Saves Abused Pit Bull


Facebook Post Goes Viral And Saves Abused Pit Bull 

Hank the Pit bull learnt from a young age that a hand being lifted to him meant abuse, not petting.

When Hank was 10 months old, his former owner beat him nearly to death on the side of the road, but someone luckily managed to capture pictures of the cruel act. This person posted the pictures on Facebook, where the owner was identified.


Facebook users were outraged by the abuse and shared the story until it went viral. Many of them were tagging Fern White, a volunteer at the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, in the post, calling for her help. She told The Dodo:


Fern immediately set off to help the pup, with the help of Marc Ching, a colleague who is also known for his rescue operations of animals in danger.

The dog had been collected by the East Valley shelter in Los Angeles, where the duo found him, and realized that he was terrified of humans. Fern explained:


Hank stayed alone like that for an entire month. But then Ching got a call from the shelter, asking to take the dog and find him a home as the investigation no longer needed him as evidence.

Since then, the Pit bull has slowly but surely started rebuilding his trust in humans, regaining his strength and enjoying his life as a dog, thanks to the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation volunteers. Once the pup is healthy and ready, he will be put up for adoption and will be desperate to find a home filled with love, unlike the one he knew before.

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