Fighting Dogs and Pit Bulls


Unscrupulous breeding and negative media attention have led to many complexes, communities as well as areas imposing restrictions on Pit Bulls and Pit mixes, stating them as “naturally destructive” to the public.

Pit Bulls frequently attract the worst type of dog aficionados, those who are only thinking about these dogs for fighting or protection. While Pit Bulls were considered once as non-aggressive to individuals, their status has transformed, because of corrupt dog breeders and irresponsible owners. And since the Dog population has elevated so quickly, animal shelters now struggle to cope with an overflow of image-affected, hard-to-place dogs.

History of the breed.

Pit Bulls are descendants from the original British bull-baiting dog which was bred to bite and hold bulls, bears, along with other large creatures around the face and head. “Bulldogs” were bred to hold on without letting go of their grip, until the animal gets exhausted from fighting and from blood loss. Within the 1800s, people then began to battle their dogs against one another. Because the “sport” of dog fighting developed, fanatics bred a lighter, more sports canine. These dogs made their way to The United States, the forefathers of present day Pit Bulls.

Pit Bulls which were not employed for fighting were considered ideal family pets, affectionate, loyal, calm, and loving with children. During the 19th century, Pit bulls are used to herd cattles and sheeps and also as a protection from wolves. Pit bulls assumed an all purpose role and served as a faithful servants to their master. Serious problems began when these dogs acquired the interest of individuals searching for a macho dog creating young puppies which were not just aggressive with other dogs, but additionally to individuals.


Within the Fighting Ring

Although a criminal offence in most 50 states, organized dog fights still occur in lots of areas. In certain cities, dogfights have created a powerful subculture. Dogs that fight are bred and taught to never quit when they’re fighting, even if this means that they’ll be badly hurt or wiped out. Other creatures are sufferers of dog fights too-it isn’t uncommon for trainers to inspire their dogs’ aggression by utilizing other dogs and smaller creatures such as felines, bunnies and rats as bait.

Although some might typify dog fighting like a characteristic of urban decay, not all dogfighters are economically disadvantaged. Participants and marketers originate from every community and all sorts of class, with audiences including lawyers, judges, instructors, teachers along with other reputable community leaders. The world of dog fighting is continuously evolving, these spontaneous occasions are triggered by insults and turf invasions or perhaps a simple taunt, “My dog can kill your pet.

Lots of people who take part in these fights lack a semblance of respect, frequently depriving and beating the dogs to encourage aggressive behavior.

Take Action

Adopt a Pit bull, they are lovable and loyal pet contrary to the image that they have been stereotyped with.

In case your local shelter is facing a Pit Bull problem, volunteer to keep adoptable Pit Bulls and Pit mixes mentally and in good physical shape by working out with them or taking them to behavior training classes.

You may also lead a chew-toy drive at the office to gather hard rubber toys and games to ensure that they’re busy, or help produce a fund-raiser to aid a totally free sterilization program for Pit Bulls inside your neighborhood.

Help fight Pit bull cruelty and stop dog fighting today.

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