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If you are a pet lover who is planning to acquire a dog, you will be pleased to know that the ideal pooch can be found to suit any personality. After thousands of years of domestication, dog breeds have been developed to please essentially anyone. They have been trained to hunt, race, protect us, or even help us solve problems. However, because there are so many from which to choose, locating the perfect dog for you may take a bit of time and effort.

If you plan to enjoy the great outdoors, or go hunting and fishing, you should definitely consider a beagle or a Basset hound. However, be prepared to hear baying whenever a rabbit scampers past your yard. If you enjoy a very active lifestyle and want a playful dog who enjoys games and physical activity, consider a boxer, collie, or Labrador retriever.

A Maltese, pug, or Chihuahua are among some of the best lapdogs. Therefore, if you want a dog to cuddle with while you watch TV or listen to music, these breeds make excellent choices. Although all dogs are affectionate to some degree, if you enjoy pets that shower you with love and adoration, you will definitely not want to overlook a Brittany spaniel or the Japanese Chin, the latter of which will smother you with affection until they drop off to sleep.

If you have children, obviously you want a dog that is known for its mild temperament and protective nature. Terrific choices in this category include collies, bulldogs, and Newfoundlands. The bull terrier–not to be confused with the pit bull–is also a great choice for homes with children.

Equally as important as choosing the right dog is learning how to care for it appropriately. Regardless of which breed you ultimately select, it is essential for you to understand how to create the best environment for your new pet. If you have never owned a dog before, make sure you do a lot of research before making a final decision. If possible, speak to a veterinarian or other animal expert about various breeds. Dogs add joy and happiness to our lives, and therefore you will likely never regret your decision to add such an animal to your home.

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