Florida Man Has Sex With Pit Bull More Than 100 Times And Is Finally Arrested


Florida Man Has Sex With Pit Bull More Than 100 Times And Is Finally Arrested 

A 23-year-old Pensacola man was arrested on claims of sexual contact with an animal that allegedly continued for years before it was reported.

Bradley Jean Hubbard was arrested Monday at his Pelham Drive address after a family member reported the ongoing sexual assault of the family pet, a pit bull or bull dog mix named “Baby Girl.”

Hubbard lived with his father and his father’s girlfriend during the period of the offenses, which allegedly had continued for more than three years.

A family member who lived in the home reported the incident, saying she had physically seen Hubbard take the animal to his bedroom and engage in sexual contact with the dog, estimating it to have happened more than 100 times in the past several years. She had been able to witness the attack as Hubbard’s bedroom door has a hole in it, as a result of a violent outburst.

The witness said she heard the dog whimper and cry out in pain during each incident, and the behavior had become increasingly frequent over time, which led her to report the attacks in fear of the animal’s safety. She said the dog would initially cry out and whimper during its attacks, but over time it had stopped making noises as it was victimized. Hubbard had allegedly brushed off questions about the dog’s symptoms of abuse by saying she was in heat.

The family member reported the incident to police Dec. 28, when Hubbard allegedly came to her bedroom, grabbed the dog and took the animal to his bedroom, then closed and locked the door. She said she heard noises and “could not take it anymore,” so she ran outside and called law enforcement.

Published By http://www.pnj.com/story/news/crime/2017/01/11/pensacola-man-arrested-bestiality/96447264/

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  1. Obviously his father and his father’s girlfriend knew what this sick worthless piece of shit was doing and let it go on for years. They should be punished too. Thankfully someone stepped up and spoke up for this poor dog. I hope someone makes this asshole his girlfriend in jail! Just saying!!

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