Foster Dog Helps Lonely Chimps Who Lost their Families


If anyone knows a thing or two about second chances, it’s a dog named Princess.

After all, she was barely a year old when Jenny and Jimmy Desmond found her at a shelter. Dumped and slated for euthanasia, Princess got her second chance with the Desmonds.

They decided to foster her.


But the thing about Princess is she knew what a good thing looked like. And she wouldn’t give up the Desmonds for anything. So when potential adopters came to visit, she acted out, basically trying to make herself as unadoptable as possible.

Figuring Princess was trying to tell them something, the Desmonds decided to keep her.

And together, this family of animal lovers embarked on their own odyssey — a journey that would see them live in nearly 10 countries, while giving countless animals in need a second chance.


Of course, that was Princess’ specialty. And she would be a very busy girl.


The Desmonds’ compassion for animals would take them to many countries, including Kenya and Liberia, where they live now.


The Desmonds were there to pick up the pieces when the New York Blood Center abandoned dozens of chimps it had dumped on small islands off the Liberian coast.

It could have been a death sentence for these apes, who suddenly found themselves without food or fresh water, had the Desmonds, along with theHumane Society of the United States (HSUS) and local rescuers, not thrown them a lifeline.


At times, the Desmonds even worked alongside legendary primatologist Jane Goodall.


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