The Benefits Of a Gentle Leader Vs. a Muzzle


CatchFred readers may be interested to know that a Gentle Leader is not a muzzle. If you’re looking for an item of this type with which to guide your dog, but have an aversion to constructive, harsh devices, you will be pleased with the design of the aforementioned collar.

The Gentle Leader is a specific brand of collar that has a nose strap. The latter lets you lead your pet by the head, rather than his or her torso, as is the case with traditional leashes or harnesses. Due to the design of the collar, your puppy or dog cannot use the weight of his or her body to pull against you. This means that making corrections is much simpler and easier.

You will be pleased to discover that the collar is very easy to use. All you must do is open the snap on the neck section of the device. The collar should then be positioned as high as possible on your dog’s neck and just touch the base of his or her skull. The central ring should be beneath the animal’s chin, just above his or her Adam’s apple.

The neck strap should then be tightened to a comfortable level, but firm enough so that it cannot rotate. The nose loop is then pulled through the center ring and around your dog’s face for proper placement. It should be loose enough that it pulls forward a bit, but cannot be pawed off by your dog. A leash can then be clipped to the link underneath the dog’s chin.

This very humane device is a perfect alternative to a muzzle. For this reason, it is becoming more and more popular among dog lovers across the country. One of its primary advantages is that you have definite control of your dog when walking him or her, but the dog is not uncomfortable. Additionally, it is inexpensive and dogs typically adapt to it very quickly. For this reason, all catchFred readers who are looking for the ideal collar may wish to consider the Gentle Leader.

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