How to Get My Pit Bull to Play Fetch


How to Get My Pit Bull to Play Fetch

Teaching your pit bull to play fetch seems like an easy task, until they stare at the thrown toy and walk away, or they grab the toy and run away, or my favorite: they bring you the toy but won’t let go. Some dogs are more receptive to the game of fetch and playing comes instinctively.

If your pit is like mine, he will always chase whatever is thrown down, but he will walk away with it after he retrieves it and drop it off. Pits do this because they believe the task is over. Tell your dog to bring you the toy and try rewarding with treats to train the action of fetching the ball.


My pit Lucho’s favorite thing to do when we play, he retrieves the toy and brings it back to me, ramming his nose into me with it. He will keep poking and nudging until you opt to take the toy, then he will quickly snap his teeth together, preventing you from ever actually getting it back. He likes to challenge the game of fetch with, “get it back if you can.” This can be a never ending game, but if I  say a simple command “DROP IT” or refuse to play with him, he will finally let go of the toy.


Different techniques work with different pit bulls, and knowing your pups weak points through training will help in teaching your dog how to follow instructions.

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