Get Rid of Doggy Smell at Home


Get Rid of Doggy Smell at Home

Undeniably, dogs are one of the sweetest creatures – they are very loyal, cuddly and cute. Despite having that irresistible charm, there is one thing that every dog owner should be aware of and that is the fact that doggy smell can stick all over your home be it body, urine or fecal odor. Compared to other animals, dogs have the tendency to become stinkier as their paw pads easily sweat especially during a warm weather. Not to mention, your dog can also have bad breath. Ear wax also is another thing and on some days, you will find your dog wet after playing outside or worse, wrapped in mud after plunging into muddy areas.

Giving your dog a fresh bath after his delightful activity outside will help in getting rid of your dog’s body odor. Thoroughly clean his pads, toes and give him a good shampooing. Dry your dog’s coat with a clean towel and blow dry immediately so that bacteria that causes stinky smell in dogs won’t thrive.

Regularly brush your dog’s coat and check for dead and tangled hair. Should there be any, remove them as those can be a potential cause of odor as well.

No matter how cautious you are as an owner, and no matter how much you pamper your dog, there are cases that are beyond your control and ordinarily, these are hard to prevent or stop without the help of a vet. Among these are skin infections like allergy, yeast infection and bacterial build-up. Hence, regular vet check-ups is recommended.

Odor Removal on Home Corners and Furnishings

Remove everything that you have starting with from seat covers, curtains, and then beddings. Vacuum them right away. Washing these items according to indicated care instructions with a good-acting detergent mixed with one-fourths of apple cider vinegar will save your day.

For carpets, sprinkle baking soda on top of the smelly area. Allow the baking soda to stay overnight before vacuuming it up. This is very effective too with other fabrics and will leave you with no traces of your dog’s odor.

Now that you’re done with the covers, never miss those floors, furniture and all the corners in your home. Leave no dog hairs and thoroughly vacuum these areas. Also make sure that you are using cleaners that has natural enzymes as these are very effective in breaking down stains and stinky smell at a molecular level.

If you think of making your own enzyme cleaners, you can do that as well by mixing the following ingredients: one liter of water, one and one-half cups of mixed citrus and lemon peelings, then seven full tablespoons of brown sugar. You will need a clear empty bottle which will serve as your container. Loosely cover the bottle so that gases can freely go out during the fermentation process and prevent your bottle from exploding. This process however is quite longer and you will have to wait for about three months before using your very own enzyme cleaner.

When using air fresheners, consider you have a dog that may be potentially harmed by toxic chemicals so go for organic and all-natural deodorizers and cleaners. Remember that what you are trying to get rid of is the odor and not your furry friend.

Article by: Fhilcar  Faunillan


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