Getting Your Dog to Run Alongside Your Bike


Getting Your Dog to Run Alongside Your Bike

Getting your dog to run alongside your bike is relatively simple, and much easier if your dog is used to going on light runs or long walks. Starting a dog out on a long bike run for its first exercise probably won’t go well, but if your pup has taken a run or jog with you before, they’ll be better prepared.  If you haven’t already, begin taking your dog on walks and eventually jogs and runs to get them in shape for the bike

In the beginning, getting your dog used to the bike is going to be the most important part. Use commands while walking alongside the bike with your dog and praise them for doing well. Stop, walk, turn, slow, are all good commands to start out with and you should keep using these so that over time when you ride they’ll anticipate your moves.   Don’t expect your dog to go for extended periods of time just yet, no matter how in shape they are, running alongside a bike is a different pace than a regular jog, for you and the dog.

As your dog gets used to walking alongside the bike, you can start riding the bike at a walking speed, keeping turns wide, and stops only when necessary. Always be mindful of other animals around, since you are handling the dog and bike it can be easy to get overturned by a distraction your dog sees. Keep calm and use your commands to keep your dog on track. Keep your pace, and make sure your dog is not overheated (panting hard, excessive drooling, lack of coordination). If so, immediately stop, keep water handy for you and the dog, and just walk the rest of the way back.

If your dog is not fond of the bike runs, give it time and again, ease into the long rides. Soon enough, your dog will love going on bike runs with you and praising them will encourage them to keep coming along.


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