Good Samaritan and Dog Rescue community credited for saving two Dogs from Deadly Crash



A good Samaritan and dog rescue community are credited for saving two dogs from a deadly crash in Webster Parish. It happened Wednesday evening at the Goodwill Road exit on I-20 near Minden. 



Judith Tripp Doyle of Sarepta died at the scene, while a woman was taken to the hospital. Inside her car were two small dogs.

“You are where you are at a certain time for a certain reason and that was just God that’s all it was that put me at that place,” said Susan Votaw, who pulled up just moments after the crash.

“There was an 18-wheeler smoking, and I saw this little white car and there was a lady standing next to it and I pulled over. I generally don’t do that,” said Votaw.

After looking around, she noticed a woman holding a small dog.

“The legs weren’t working she was holding Pola, a little rat terrier.”

It just so happens, Votaw works with Nova’s Heart Pet Rescue. When asked why she didn’t hesitate to take the dogs, she said, “I don’t think anybody would, I think that’s just who we are, we’re just southern people and we just all help.”

While their owners were airlifted from the Scene, Votaw took the dogs to an emergency vet.

“Monkey is good, he’s good. Pola was in the back seat and got stuck between the seats,” explained Votaw.

She’s been in constant contact with the owners and turned to social media for help.

“The dog rescue community all came together and the entire bill was paid for,” Votaw said in regards to Wednesday’s emergency vet bills.

She says it’s been determined Pola has a severed spinal cord, but she is not in any pain. The owners say they will return to Dallas, Texas when they are released from the hospital to get her the proper medical care. Until then, Votaw and other volunteers are working to raise money to pay for the vet bills accrued this Thursday.

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