Great Collars for Training & Different Sized Dogs

Great Collars for Training & Different Sized Dogs

There are many leashes and collars available for different purposes and training uses. Depending on your dog’s size, breed, or walking style some may be better over others for your canine.

The most common collar seen in dogs is a flat collar, which is usually made of cloth or leather material with a plastic or metal buckle. Ideal for small or medium dogs; this doesn’t work well for a dog that pulls, using other collars for training to start may be a better option.

The Choke collar or chain is a metal collar that constricts around the dog’s neck when it pulls. This collar was one of the first training collars for dogs and will limit their ability to breathe when pulling. I believe this collar is more for looks and doesn’t help correct pulling with a persistent dog.

A harness works as a collar and guide tool; it goes around the midsection and neck. A harness may empower a dog to pull, it frees their chest and is better for jogging and bike riding for comfort. This harness should be used at all times for dogs with breathing difficulties, as it frees their chest and neck for unrestricted air flow.

A slip leash is a great tool for pulling dogs and gives the owner good control of distracted movements. It is a leash and collar in one, it’s looped on one end, and that loop goes around the dog’s head and held in place by a stopper. Corrections with this leash should be straight up and not at an angle; this keeps the dog’s head in your control. You should never snap the leash but tug on it so that the distracted dog gets knocked off balance and redirects its attention.

There are lots of different uses for all of these collars and leashes, and you should see how your dog reacts to different ones.


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