Hairless Dog’s Breeds

Hairless Dog’s Breeds

The hairless dog’s breeds are fantastic and unique looking dogs. Their nakedness sets them apart from all other dogs in their form of care, hygiene, and lifestyles. These beautiful breeds are exceptionally striking. With their crests and dots, they hit the spotlight wherever they go.

As you can imagine, the hairless dog’s Breeds don’t represent a load during the change of seasons because they have no shedding period and are perfect for families with allergies tendency. In addition, their skin doesn’t represent a tempting environment for nested parasites such as fleas, mites or ticks, so you can also cross out that problem from your list.

However, being hairless they’re affected by temperature changes so their skin requires some special care: sun protection, dry skin, sensitivity to cold and heat as if it were a small baby…Nothing that a cute coat, hydration an umbrella cannot solve.


Originally from Mexico, it’s one of the oldest and pure breeds in the world. Better known as the “Aztec Dog”, there are ancestral carvings in the Mexican archaeological complexes that relate the presence of this dog in pre-conquest times, more than 3000 years ago.

Its name literally means: smooth-skinned dog, dark and wrinkled, the Xoloitzcuintle have a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years and come in 3 different sizes and two varieties: with a Mohawk-like crest and without a crest. Cheerful and affectionate, they are very intelligent and active.

Peruvian Hairless Dog

Also in 3 sizes, this dog originally from Peru is slightly larger than its Mexican relative, with a highly developed protective instincts. but equally affectionate.

Argentine Pila Dog

With a graceful furry tail and crest, this breed aesthetically resembles Igor, the melancholic donkey of Winnie the Pooh. It looks alike a Miniature Pinscher and is an excellent companion.

American Terrier without Hair

Originally from the United States, it’s small and recently breeds in the 70’s. Thus are highly valued but still little known in the country. It descends from the Rat Terriers, making it a vivacious, dynamic and playful and smart dog that gets along with children.

Chinese Crested

Originated inChina, it’s an elegant and vivacious breed of small size with hair on the top of their heads, tip of the tail and feet, a  feature that makes them elegant and distinguished.

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