Happy Recovery For Dog Found With Pellet Gun Wounds


Happy Recovery For Dog Found With Pellet Gun Wounds

Photo courtesy Exploits Valley SPCA.

A dog that was brought to the SPCA in Grand Falls-Windsor with wounds from a pellet gun is now recovering happily at the shelter.

Terry is a small, black, wire-haired dog, guessed to be about 10 years old. When he was found, he was curled up in a ball, sleeping on the Trans-Canada Highway between Bishop’s Falls and Grand Falls-Windsor.

Sarah MacLeod with the Exploits Valley SPCA says when Terry arrived he was cold, dirty, matted, and had lacerations on his back. An initial trip to the vet determined those wounds were actually caused by a pellet gun. Terry showed signs of neglect – his nails hadn’t been cut and were curling into the pads of his feet; matted fur was causing infection – but because he was slightly overweight MacLeod says he likely came from a home.

Today however Terry is recovering well at the shelter after he spent some time at the vet this week. He had pellets in his back removed and the mats in his fur, along with some much needed dental work.

MacLeod says Terry will need special care, but says there has already been interest expressed in his adoption. He will recover fully at the shelter before finding his forever home.

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