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“It’s impossible to even guess what kind of horrors Gunther has been through in his past life, but his misshapen head and his total lack of muscle mass indicate the six-year-old purebred Cane Corso may have been starved for an extended period of time.”

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“I give him an A+ for behavior and personality” a shelter worker writes. “He loves to please….and he can’t wait to love. He still hasn’t lost his love for humans.”

Weighing in at 88 pounds, the Brookhaven Shelter in Long Island has run a battery of tests including x-rays and blood work and have found out there is nothing medically wrong with Gunther. Still much too thin, but steadily gaining weight, it is unknown if his head will ever return to its normal shape, however he has displayed no neurological issues.

According to his Facebook page, the gentle giant walks beautifully on leash, and his tail wags non-stop when he meets new people. Gunther gets along with otherdogs, and he is neutered, microchipped and heartworm negative; therefore this gorgeous boy is ready for his forever home. Gunther has not been cat tested.

Gunther is not looking back; his past is behind him, and he waits to become part of a family. Share this dog’s story with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. This shelter requires families with other dogs to do a “meet and greet” before adoptions. If interested in getting to know Gunther up close and personal, contact the shelter at 631-451-6950 and reference CC#16-53-5231. Make sure to note the time of your call and the representative with whom you spoke.

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