Heartbroken pair rely on each other for support after being surrendered to shelter in Texas

Surrendered dogs comfort each other in shelterSurrendered dogs comfort each other in shelter

Two bonded dogs needed each others physical and emotional support on Friday as their owner surrendered the pair to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas. There are just no words for how devastated and heartbroken the dogs must have felt as their owner walked away.

Both dogs suffer from Demodex mange; their treatment has been started. According to the Facebook page for MCAS Pets in Need, the previous owner gave no reason why the dogs were surrendered. Volunteers and staff, however feel the dogs are better off at the shelter. If only there was a cure for their broken hearts. The female dog appears to have recently given birth to puppies; the tiny black dog is extremely bonded and may be one of her puppies. For now, because of the stress and their obvious emotional pain, the two are being allowed to stay together. Just an hour later, both dogs curled up close to each other and quietly closed their eyes for a well-deserved nap. Their Facebook page can be found by clicking here.

The dogs have not been evaluated, but first impressions show them to be very quiet. For more information, please contact the shelter. Please share their plight with partner rescue organizations, friends, family and social media. Our companion animals are not disposable; carefully consider the responsibilities of caring for a dog before bringing one home. And remember to spay and neuter your pets. The Montgomery County Animal Shelter is located at 8535 Hwy 242, Conroe, Texas. Email: [email protected].

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  1. Please send them to kauai, hawaii.. they needs their love and caring until grow old. They don’t want to be put to sleep.please provide them a lovely good home together n children will love them.. Hugs both dogs from my heart.

  2. This hurts me so bad I feel for those two dogs I hope you find something soon to get out of there somebody please have a heart and adaptable with them or foster them I wish I could

  3. You Coward previous owners ! You are disgusting!
    You have no heart you should never own any kind of animal .

  4. How sad for these two. People act like animals have no feeling and will be ok. Animals who have been in a home and then placed in shelters are scared to death. They don’t understand what has happen to them and why. They suffer. Before putting dogs in the shelter try to find them a home ot someone to foster them. I hope both of these dogs are fostered and adopted together. They are like kids and they depend on each other to get through the night.

  5. Oh my why can you not keep you pets look at them and all they did was love ya sad will lets get a new home for ya that won’t let you go sssssssds

  6. Hope they will be pulled by a great Rescue Organization…and loved until they find a home together. They deserve so much better…c’mon big hearted Texans…go help these two little souls!

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