Heartless owners neglect, starve then return adopted puppy for euthanasia

Maverick does have a ravenous appetite...      
Urgent Dogs of MiamiMaverick does have a ravenous appetite... Urgent Dogs of Miami

In an alleged heartless and desperate attempt to cover up an unimaginable case of neglect and abuse, the owners of a five-year-old dog, adopted as a puppy when five-months of age, returned him to the Miami-Dade Animal Care Center on Sunday afternoon and ordered the shelter to euthanize the dog who weighed barely nine pounds.

The miniature Doberman pinscher presented to the shelter’s veterinarian as extremely emaciated, however he was bright, alert and responsive. The request to euthanize the dog, called Chocco, was denied, and a complete physical examination showed the dog to have lost all of his body and muscle mass. Most of the coat on his back, face and paws were missing, but the veterinary staff were mildly optimistic as the puppy had a ravenous appetite and more than likely had been starved to his “present skin on bones condition.” An email blast to all local rescue organizations went out on Sunday asking for help with the defenseless, sweet dog.

On Monday morning, the Miami, non profit animal rescue, A Way For A Stray announced the dog, now dubbed Maverick, had left the building and was on his way to the emergency veterinarian. Motionless in the car and barely able to even lift his head, anyone who has met him says he’s sweet and appreciative of the attention. Lyndsey Gurowitz Furman, founder of the rescue organization stated, “Not a single day will go by, where this guy will ever miss a meal again. Not a day will go by that he will ever need a single thing again. He is going to know what real love and care is now.”

Maverick is now fighting for his life. He has been diagnosed with a severe infection, is extremely anemic and his glucose levels are currently off the charts. He will be in the care of his foster parent for the evening, where he will be receiving one on one attention, and will be returning to the veterinary hospital for more treatments and testing on Tuesday. A Facebook link for this dog’s plight can be found here. Donations to Maverick’s medical care can be made by clicking here. A cruelty investigation is underway.

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