Helping a Choking Dog

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Helping a Choking Dog

Dogs are just like kids. They will eat anything that’s on their path including keys, shirt buttons, bone and toys among many other things. If you realize that your dog is chocking, you should swing into action immediately because something could be stuck in the windpipe. Even if you opt to take the dog to the nearest vet, you should consider administering first aid because suffocation can easily cause death.

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Symptoms of Choking

A dog that’s gulping for air will definitely be restless. In other instances the canine might attempt to paw at its mouth. If the dog doesn’t respond when you call it or has lost consciousness, it could be chocking from something. You should restrain the dog with a leash. However, don’t gag it with a muzzle because you will worsen the condition.

Physical Examination


Once you have confirmed that the dog is chocking, you should be ready to examine the canine’s mouth. You should start by opening the dog’s mouth. As a matter of fact, you should use both of your hands because you may not succeed with just one hand. Placing one hand on each jaw will help in opening the mouth further. To prevent the dog from biting you, it’s recommended that you push the lips against the teeth to create a barrier between your fingers and the dog’s teeth. This technique really works well because the dog can’t bite on its own lips.

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You should peep into the mouth to see if there is any foreign object. If there is something unusual in the mouth, you should attempt to take it out with one hand. If this doesn’t help, you should opt for a flat spoon. A flat spoon is highly recommended because it reduces the chances of injuring the dog. You should use the spoon for extracting whatever is stuck on the throat. If this doesn’t remedy the problem, you should consider performing the Heimlich maneuver.

Getting Started with Heimlich Maneuver

Heimlich maneuver is actually the last option before seeking help from a vet. If your dog is small, you should make it lie down on the ground on its back. You should then press the dog’s abdomen several times. This pressure helps in throwing up any object that’s stuck in the windpipe. If your canine is fairly large, it’s recommended that you don’t try to move it at all. This is because you might injure it further.


Heimlich maneuver technique can be performed when the dog is lying on the ground or standing. If the dog is standing, you should bend over and clasp your hands on its belly and push up and forward as if you want to lift the canine. If the dog is lying on the ground, you should make it lie on one side. You should proceed by putting one hand at the back and the other on the belly and push inwards. You should then observe the dog’s mouth to find if there are any foreign objects.


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