Hilarious Video Of Dog Un-Impressed With Just One Advent Calendar Treat


Hilarious Video Of Dog Un-Impressed With Just One Advent Calendar Treat

Throwing an almighty strop because you’re only allowed one Advent calendar treat a day isn’t an unthinkable scenario; it’s just not normally the dog having the hissy fit.

A hilarious new video has emerged of an enraged German Shepherd Rottweiler, owned by Eloise Lawrence, 22, from Braintree in Essex, excitedly munching on his daily treat in the run up to Christmas – only to remember that he’s actually only allowed one door a day.

The clip, which is going viral, shows the excitable hound awaiting his treat. However, when the solitary snack has been devoured, Seppi the dog is then seen whining, pawing at the calendar and and laying on his best puppy-dog eyes.

Breakfast! Seppi, a 12-year-old German Shepherd Rottweiler, sniffs his Advent calendar and prepares to tuck in

With the kind of theatricality normally reserved for the West End stage, the still-hungry dog tries everything to get owner Eloise to open another door.

The sales advisor has stayed strong so far but said her cheeky 12-year-old pet’s rigmarole has occurred every day of December to date.

Eloise, who currently lives at home with her parents, said: ‘When Seppi realises that he is only going to get one treat that day he makes a really funny whining noise.

‘It’s just his face, it absolutely kills me. He gives it the eyes. This is every single day of advent. He’s done it ever since he first had an advent calendar.

‘I’ve been getting him a doggy advent calendar for the past four years, as I used to work in a pet store so brought one home. He knew straight away it was for him.

‘I bought this year’s in November because they sell out quickly and it’s been sat there on the side for days before December. He kept looking at it doing his face, expecting for it to be opened.’

Eloise adopted Seppi when he was just five months old after the pooch was rescued from a puppy farm.

And she said the cheeky mutt – who she calls her ‘best friend’ – has come a long way from the terrified puppy he once was.

The firm-handed owner has never caved to her pup’s pleading looks for his next day’s advent treat – despite him having ‘puppy dog eyes’ down to a tee.

Eloise says her pet pooch is more than used to being filmed; she posts videos of her antics all the time

Eloise says her pet pooch is more than used to being filmed; she posts videos of her antics all the time

She has bought him a pet advent calendar – which is full of delectable doggy treats and small morsels to chew on – every December for the last four years.

Eloise said: ‘Every morning of advent Seppi rushes into my room and tries to drag me downstairs to the advent calendar.

‘He gets so excited when you bring it over and hits it with his paw, wanting me to hurry up and open it.

‘He will only get one door per day, though. I’ve never given in, he’ll only ever get one advent treat per day like he’s supposed to.

‘When we first got Seppi it took him hours to even just come into the house.. But now he’s absolutely hilarious. He has such a funny personality and he’s got so much energy, he’s always making me laugh.

‘You wouldn’t even know he was 12-and-a-half years old. He’s my best friend and he’s very special. I film him all the time doing funny things.’

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