How Dogs Benefit Our Physical Well-Being


How Dogs Benefit Our Physical Well-Being: Many pet owners would agree that most dogs, unlike the majority of humans, love to be active. Almost everyone who owns a dog or puppy has probably noticed that they can’t wait to leave the house and participate in some type of physical activity. If you are like most dog owners, you have probably been solicited by your pooch more than once, who came to find you with leash in mouth to hint that it is walk time. Also, let’s face it, most of us have been woken at six o’clock in the morning by a wet nose, encouraging us to come out from under the covers and get out there and exercise. It’s doubtful that anyone could argue the fact that dogs are much more motivated with regard to such activity than we are.

Perhaps this is part of the reason why many experts state that people who own pets are happier and healthier. We certainly know that our dogs make us happy in many respects, but the fact that they enjoy physical activity can actually contribute to the maintenance of our health as well. You have probably discovered a long time ago that it is impossible to be sedentary if you own a dog. Your pooch simply won’t stand for it. Scientists have even discovered that dogs will continue to jog with their owners even if they are hungry or thirsty. This could possibly indicate that they even like exercise more than food, which would be a particularly rare characteristic in a human being. These facts should encourage us to take advantage of our furry friend who acts as a motivator and coach with regard to our exercise regimen. Consider following your dog’s lead and shunning the snooze button in lieu of a walk or run before work. The benefits you reap will be priceless, and your dog will be happier too.

It is also common knowledge that owing a dog is a great way to fight depression and even low self esteem as well. Having a dog not only gives you someone to love and a place to focus your attention but it also gives you someone that loves you and depends on you. Dogs need more than to be fed and watered. They also need as much love and attention as you can give them. Giving them this much needed love and attention is a good way to distract from depression and other problems. This is why pets are such a great way to fight against such conditions.

Grief and loneliness are other occurrences that dogs are greatly beneficial in fighting against. There is no doubt that grief is devastating and can cause horrible bouts of loneliness. This is especially true when it is a life long spouse or other person that is very close to you that is lost. Getting a dog during times such as this can often make the grieving process a little less difficult because it gives the person grieving something to focus their attention on rather than dwelling on what they have lost. This also helps to prevent them from becoming lonely and feeling like they have no one left.

Humans are not the only ones that may become afflicted with such conditions and emotions as depression, grief and loneliness. Dogs can suffer from these problems as well. In fact dogs often contract many other human illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts and a great many others as well. Because dogs can succumb to many human emotions being taken in by a human is not only a great comfort to the human but the dog as well. In cases where a dog has lost its owner or other significant person in their life or even another dog being taken in by someone else allows the dog and person to comfort each other and often move past the grieving stage. This enables both dog and human to keep going and gives them a feeling that they still have a reason for being.

There are many ways that dogs benefit they physical well-being of humans. Perhaps this is why dogs are considered mans best friends. After all, everyone needs a friend at some point in their lives and sometimes that need is so great that a person may feel they have no reason for being without it.

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