How to Pick the Best Name for Your Dog

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How to Pick the Best Name for Your Dog.¬†Once you have your new dog it’s time to pick a name. There are many good dog names to choose from but the name you choose should depend on the dog’s gender. There are a number of names that are universal regarding the gender of the animal being named. In addition to this there are also a great many names that are gender specific. Some of these names are quite common while others are rather unique. The first step is to decide which of these types of names that you prefer for your dog.

Common Names for Boys

When it comes to common male dog names there are many to choose from. Some of the most common of these names include Max, Rusty, Spike, Rex and Buster. These names are only a small fraction of those that may come to mind when you think of typical pet names. The list of names that may come to mind on this topic can be quite extensive.

Common Names for Girls

Like names for male canines there are also a great many female dog names as well. Some of these monikers are considered to be highly common while others may be far more unique. Among the names on the common list for girls are Bella, Muffin, Lucy, Angel and Precious just to name a few. Just like with the boys, this list is quite long as well.

If you are like many people then naming your pet is much like naming a child. While some choose to simply use names based on personal preference others may choose pet names based on character. Basically, this means observing the dog’s personality and mannerisms and then choosing a name that signifies their personality or character. Some examples of this may be to name a dog Snoopy because he gets into things or Speedy because she moves fast.

The Growing Concept of Originality

It is becoming increasingly more common for pets to be tagged with names that are much more original. This is quite a difference from the traditional names given to pets in the past. This new trend of originality is coming about by owners giving their dog’s names that are more unique than the norm. As with any new fad or trend however the more this originality concept is used, the more common it becomes.

If you are leaning more toward original and less toward traditional there are still many good dog names to consider. When you use the originality concept remember that it only takes a few people to take a name from original to common. With that being said, let’s take a look at some fairly uncommon names for the canine boy. Draco, Bryce and Critter are male dog names that you don’t hear too often. This is what makes them fairly original. Any one of these choices would be well suited for the newest four legged male in your family.

Now let’s get back to the girls. You may find it a little more difficult to come up with a name for your new female companion. This is especially true if you want a name that is both feminine and original at the same time. You may even become discouraged during this process and begin to think that all the good ones have been taken. The good news is that there are still plenty of female dog names left that haven’t been overused. Kaleisha, Trinity and Serenity are some examples of such names.

The Importance of Consistency

Once you have decided what you will call your furry little friend it is important to use it with consistency. This will help your dog get used to her name. This is how she will know when you are talking to her. Using the name as much as possible will speed the process of this step.

Now you have seen some examples of good dog names for both male and female pets. Using this information and other tips you should have no problem choosing a name that you both will love. This name should be something you can remember easily. After all, it is how your best friend will be identified throughout his or her life. That is the biggest reason why so much time and thought is put into choosing it.

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