In Honor of “DAYKO” a Rescuer Labrador from Ecuador


In Honor of “DAYKO” a Rescuer Labrador from Ecuador

How many pages of human history have been written by dogs paws? After a devastating earthquake that reduced to debris the coast of Pedernales, Manabí Ecuador, on April 16, 2016, a 4-year-old golden Labrador named Dayko, part of the K9 brigade of the local fire brigade, became the hero of the city.

Incorporated into the rescue team for just over 3 years, Dayko received training and international certifications in search and recover people from catastrophes. Thus the skillful dog managed to detect and save the lives of numerous victims hidden under the rubble of the earthquake whose magnitude devastating reached 7,8 Richter, his body struggle to cope with his determination.

The strenuous rescue efforts, coupled with the severe weather conditions on the coast, drove Dayko into a state of exhaustion that completely knocked him down. A “heat stroke” would have affected the K9 agent whose organism fails to release heat as efficiently as other species.

His condition worsened, despite being attended by a veterinarian, until he died of a heart attack while receiving medical attention due to dehydration and stress caused by his last mission.

A worldwide Hero


His tremendous effort was recognized by the fire department, the city of Pedernales and rapidly his story went viral worldwide due to his admirable sacrifice. The images of his tireless effort without losing the kindness in his eyes caught social media attention.

Less than a month after the tragic earthquake, and the also tragic death of Dayko, a local artist named Marcelo Chuquín, carved on wood a sculpture that recalls Dayko in his hero days, during which he participated in more than six search missions in collapsed buildings.

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