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Let’s face it, we spend a lot of money sometimes on ourselves, whether for designer clothes or other objects that we think may make us stand out in a crowd. Eventually, most pet owners wonder why it should be any different for their pooch. If you can identify with this statement, consider checking out the new Tommy Bahama Pet’s Collection. A unique and interesting line of apparel and accessories for dogs was recently created, and features adorable items such as dresses, bandannas, and even collared Hawaiian shirts.

The Tommy Bahama Aloha T-shirt is one of the line’s top sellers. This cute doggie tee is available in several sizes, and features the Tommy Bahama insignia and the universally friendly greeting of “aloha”. The line’s surf tee is another top seller, and will make other dogs pea-green with envy when they see your pooch parading down the beach in this attractive shirt.¬†Other favorites include the smocked dress and the aforementioned traditional Hawaiian collared shirt,

which are are arguably two of the cutest items in the entire line. Let’s not forget designer accessories from Tommy Bahama either. For example, the Pineapple Paradise line offers a pack of three original branded tennis balls. These will definitely enlarge your dog’s social circle, as other pets will want to get in on the fun when they see your pooch playing with these colorful balls. Bandannas are another adorable item, which can be found in the Tommy Bahama Serenity Cove Collection, and they also come in a variety of colors. With apparel to fit virtually any dog, as well as appeal to its owner, it’s hard to go wrong with this fun and original line of accessories and attire. So if you want your dog to be the envy of every pooch in the neighborhood, you may want to indulge in a day of shopping at PetSmart for some Tommy Bahama originals.

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