Interpreting Puppy Behavior

Interpreting Puppy Behavior

Interpreting Puppy Behavior

Puppies are very funny creatures. They are in deed adorable due to their playful nature. But at times they do things that are difficult to understand. For instance, a new born puppy spends most of its time sleeping and when it’s awake, it only suckles for a short while then starts running around.

For a start, sleeping is good because it helps in relaxing the body. Moreover, puppies develop as they sleep. You may not see it happening, but that’s the truth. A new born puppy can slumber for up to 18 hours a day. This can be worrying to someone who has never raised a puppy before. If you fear that the puppy is not feeling well, you should call a vet to examine it.

When Will he Stop Running Around?

Most puppies like running around in the afternoon. The funny thing is that they run when there is nothing to be chased. This behavior helps them in exercising their muscles. After all, their life would be boring if they just lied down doing nothing.

You should not interfere with his runs because it’s part and parcel of being a puppy. The little dog will eventually stop this behavior on his own as he grows up. This is because he will soon notice that mature dogs don’t run around unless they are chasing something.

Nipping Fingers

The simplest way of showing love and affection to your puppy is by petting him. In fact, you expect him to lie or sit down and enjoy. Contrary to your expectations, the puppy responds by nipping your fingers. But this doesn’t mean that the puppy is not enjoying being petted. It really does. Only that it prefers to compliment it with nipping.

You might experience some pain when the puppy nips your fingers. This is because it has small sharp teeth. At times the puppy nips as a sign of telling that it’s tired obviously from running around. If your puppy shows any signs of being exhausted, you should only massage his back to him relax.


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