Is Your Dog Under Stress? Check For These Signs

Is your dog under stress? Check for this signs

Like humans, dogs can suffer large amounts of stress that will affect their behavior, their hours of sleep and their mood. Learned to detect triggers that caused stress in your pet, whenever you see the following signs.

Symptoms of stress in dogs:

1. Loss of appetite
2. Loss or increase of sleep
3. Sudden stomach upsets (Vomiting and diarrhea)
4. Atopic dermatitis and other types of skin diseases.
5. Loss of hair out of molting season.
6. Excessive shyness also expressed by body language (drooping ears, tail between legs,etc.)
7. Obsessive Paws and Snout licking developing a kind of nervous tic.
8. Severe gasping without exercising.
9. Destructive behaviors and loss of enthusiasm over regular games.
10. Excessive soil scraping to evade commands.
11. Constant aggressiveness towards other dogs and people.

How to relieve stress in a dog?

To reduce the stress of your pet deal with the main stress source in its life: YOU. Dogs depend on us to a great extent to enjoy their lives. From the food they ingest to their walking hours, everything is determined by our possibilities.

This means that in the home of a stressed human, every pet will be under stress. When we are more irritable, we respond strongly to small disobediences of our companion and therefore we generate them stress.

With accumulated stress, we usually have less time and willingness to go for walks or fetching a ball, causing them to accumulate energy, gain weight and worsen their behavior.
Working long hours in the office, it’s time that we can’t share with them, which increases their sense of loneliness, anxiety and, of course, stress.

What are we trying to say? If you are happy, your pet will be happy too. If you can give yourself permission to enjoy life, your pet will do it at your side. Set achievable goals, establish rest times that allow you to recharge batteries and, of course, share time with your dog, it’s known they’re one of the best stress reducers in the world.

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