Kabang: The Hero Dog Who Saved 2 Girls In the Philippines


Kabang: The hero dog who saved 2 girls in the Philippines

At first glance, Kabang, that’s her name, wouldn’t win a beauty pageant. However, in December 2011, Kabang, a mongrel from the Philippines, won our heart.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Being a Stray dog, her life began in precarious conditions wich took a turn when she was adopted by Rudi Bunggal, and so Kabang could learn the most important lesson of her life: loving and protecting those who love you.

In December 2011, Bunggal’s 9-year-old daughter Dina and her 3-year-old cousin, named Princess, attempted to cross the street without noticing a motorcycle approaching them at full speed.

In a complete act of heroism and selflessly detachment, Kabang threw herself at the motorcycle, saving the two girls from a run over with possibly fatal results. The girls, in tears, ran for Mr. Rudi trying to save Kabang… Her snout got caught between the motorcycle wheels and was lying on the ground bleeding profusely.

At the veterinary clinic, they do all they could to try to save Kabang… Every effort was made trying to recover his lacerated muzzle but was in vain. Although she managed to survive the impact, Kabang lost completely her upper jaw and nose. From now on, would be a lifetime of suffering and possible infections for our poor little hero or, another remaining option: Euthanasia.

Nonetheless, the Bunggal family, eternally grateful for the selfless sacrifice of Kabang, choose to give her all the love and care she needed to survive and go on with a life as normal as possible. Then the extraordinary happened.

Touched by the history of our four legged heroin, Bunggal’s family and friends, the people of Philippines and, later on, people from more than 20 countries aware of the history donated money to help the bunggals with the costs of surgery and medical expenses.

In just Weeks, they raise enough money to operate Kabang: The first intervention was held at the University of California and she recovers part of his snout, the second fundraiser will be destined to build a prosthesis that gives her the opportunity to close her snout, eat by herself and fetch ball again.

Want to know more about the MARVELOUS story of Kabang? :Watch the following video.

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