Keep your Dog Away from these 5 Types of Food

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Keep your dog away from these 5 types of food

We have been taught from our childhood that sharing is caring and many of us have religiously followed that mantra for the rest of our lives! We offer our food to friends or siblings to share a piece of what we love with the people we love. However, you might not want to do the same with your dog. We understand that when your dog stares at you with that look that pierces right through your heart and melts you completely,  you cannot resist offering them a share of your food but BEWARE of what you are giving them. Be careful that a small exchange of love does not end up in the last breath of your baby! If you have read so far, you have probably already started panicking but don’t worry! We have listed these 5 types of food that you MUST keep away from your dog!


Chocolate is one of the most common food items in your favorite list but if you have a dog in your house, it is better to not leave them lying around here and there. This does not necessarily have to be candies or chocolate bars. This includes cookies, chocolate biscuits, brownies and even cocoa powder. Chocolates contain methylxanthines, a group that consists of caffeine and theobromine, which causes intoxication. The level of intoxication depends on the type of chocolate. White chocolates contain a very low amount of methylxanthines while dark chocolates are the most dangerous as it contains the highest amount of those toxic compounds! Therefore, you can conclude that the extent of toxicity depends on how dark the chocolate it is.

Sugar Free Products

Many of you are weight conscious, so it is normal to find sugar free products at your place but what saves your body from excessive weight, takes away the life of your favorite companion. Many sugar free products contain Xylitol which is a non-calorie sweetener that does not affect our blood sugar levels. However, in case of dogs, it causes their level of blood sugar to drastically fall and it could lead to a seizure within half an hour! It could also damage their liver and cause severe disorientation.

Raw bread dough & Alcohol

Bread dough usually consist of live yeast. When a dog consumes it, its moist stomach creates the perfect atmosphere for the yeast to multiply and expand the size of the dough inside the stomach! This could get as serious as killing a stomach tissue as it may decrease the flow of blood to the stomach wall. Moreover, as the yeast multiples, it produces alcohol which can cause severe intoxication.

Onion & its siblings

Onion and its siblings, that is, garlics, shallots, scallions, can cause damage to the red blood cells of your dog if consumed in large quantities. The stronger it is, the more havoc it will wreak in your dog’s body. Therefore, it is better to keep them away from food that contains large amount of onions and garlics.

Grapes & Raisins

Grapes and raisins may be our all-time favorites but it may lead to kidney failure in your dog.  Therefore, try to store them in a place where they cannot be reached by your furry best friend!


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