Keeping Your Dog Off of the Furniture


Keeping Your Dog Off of the Furniture

If you want to keep your dog off of the furniture, the best way is to start by not allowing them on it. Obviously, this is easier said than done, and sometimes you give in to the puppy dog face and let them on the couch anyway. If you weren’t able to prevent this bad habit from the moment you got them, there are ways to retrain your dog that couches, beds, and chairs are off limits.

If your pup insists on climbing on the furniture, catching them in the act is the best way to correct their behavior. Gently pull your dog off the couch, saying the command “OFF” each and every time you catch them. Eventually, they’ll understand this behavior is not allowed.

If you are okay with your dog being on the furniture but have a hard time getting them off, there are ways to make your dog get down on cue. Try “FLOOR” or “DOWN,” each time they listen, go ahead and reward or praise them.

Getting your dog off the furniture is as hard as you make it, meaning that the more consistent you are, the easier it will be for them to understand off limits or on term-based conditions. If you are inconsistent with making them get off the couch, they’ll just be confused and continually defy your commands or think that it’s ok because you don’t correct these actions.

Personally, we just ask our dog to get off the couch on command, as him lounging during the day when no one is home is no big deal to us.

After all, keeping your dog off the furniture is up to you and what rules you want to set regarding where your dog can lounge. Setting booby traps with loud noises such as bubble wrap on the bed or rocks in empty water bottles is an easy way to “scare” your pup from getting on the furniture too.

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