Keeping Your Dog Safe During Winter


Keeping Your Dog Safe During Winter

It’s important to keep your dog warm during winter. This is because temperatures drop drastically below zero degrees. After all, your dog is very vulnerable to illnesses and poisoning during such climate. Besides that, you may not enjoy playing around with a cold dog. If your dog spends most of its time outside, you should take it inside the house. You can then warm your house by turning on the heater or the stove.

Construct a Shed for the Dog

If your dog is an outdoor pet, you should be kind enough to put up a shed somewhere in the backyard. This is because he can not survive from nasty weather. It would be very cruel to leave your dog outside without a shelter. For heavens sake, a dog’s skin is very thin. You should never build the shelter in front of the house you will be exposing the dog to chilly winds.

Avoid Frozen Meals

You should ensure that your dog feeds on warm food and water. Giving him cold food will only make him feel colder. If there are any leftovers after mealtimes, they should be taken back to the house because leaving them outside will make them very cold. If you can’t bring such leftovers to the house, you should warm them before serving them again to your dog.

Although water is usually cold, you just serve it to your dog regardless of the weather because it’s needed by the body for metabolic processes. However, you should empty the bowl when the dog is done with the water. If you leave water in a bowl during such weather, it will definitely freeze.

Stay Safe from Frost Bites

Frostbites are common during winter and they can lead to amputations. They normally affect paws, tips, ears and tip of the tail. To keep your dog safe from frost bites, you should buy him a pair of shoes, sweaters and jackets. They come in handy when you want to go out for a walk with the dog.

These clothes help in keeping your dog warm. You should also walk your dog with a leash because he might find antifreeze substance as he strolls on his own and eat it. There are many dogs that have died after ingesting antifreeze.

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